Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fiasco One

Well, we did it. The first Full Moon Fiasco of the Fucking Bike Club, Spokane Chapter.

As noted on the St. Louis FBC page, this month was to be the second annual Underwear Pool Party of Destiny turned Short Notice Pool Party of Uncertainty. Either way, we just couldn't get that done here. Having just moved here and not really knowing anyone 86'd that idea. Instead we rode down the hill into the heart of town for some beer at Far West Billiards. A pool party of sorts, even if there were only two of us. My neighbor joined us for a little while but he drove so I guess it shouldn't count.

I would like to thank åaron for the pre-ride phone call so we could hear the announcement. Made me miss it.

Back up the hill and home having only three or four pictures to show for it. Kinda lame on my part but next time will be better, I promise. At least the spoke cards looked good and I only needed two.


  1. i like the pic of the scanks

  2. You forgot to mention that we saw 2 full moons. The one in the sky and the 14 year old's ass that we saw through the window.

  3. speaking of two moons...you read any about mars being close on the next full moon? Lee says he's read up that it's a hoax, but it is a really cool 'concept' ... anyway, ride on!