Friday, July 19, 2013

Final Fiasco

Well, gang. It is upon us.

The next Full Moon Fiasco will be the sixth birthday of the FBC Spokane. It began simply enough with a request for bike riders to join me for a beverage, and look what it turned into. You guys are the best. Thank you for being a part of this whole crazy thing. I say this often, but not often enough. The FBC Spokane would be nothing without you. It is all you Lifetime Members For Life that make it work. If you weren't here, I'd just be some guy out there riding his bike to the bar.

Join me one last time as I ride my bike to a bar. You may find this shocking, but I am still trying to work out the details of a venue, as well as what bands are going to play.

As a thank you to all you LMFL, 
I have a metric ton of presents to give away.
Get there early to snag a spoke card. 
You can't win without one.

Saturday July 27th
The Swamp

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