Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fiasco 70 Wrap Up

(click card for pictures)
Another evening of outstanding weather brought a huge crowd of Lifetime Members For Life, so I thought that we needed a newish route/destination. Our friends over at the newly expanded Lantern Tap House were kind enough to take our number on late notice, and they were indeed prepared. There were employees all over the place, and they were all in an excellent mood considering there were 150 of us rushing the door all at the same time.

I would also like to thank my good friend Sean for taking some really great photos of the ride this month. Be sure to check them out by clicking the spoke card up top. Also, the spoke card design was inspired by stolen from one of my all time favorite artist, Wayne White.

I have noticed a growing number of riders that don't always adhere to the one guideline that the FBC Spokane has always made crystal clear. Don't be an asshole. For those of you that were skipping through reds and riding with total disregard to others safety, I would rather you not come to the rides any more. You want to ride through red lights? Whatever. Go do that when you don't have 100 amateur riders behind you that think it's OK to do that. They will follow you not knowing what is going on, and get hit by a car. Guaranteed. The Full Moon Fiasco has always been an all inclusive, easy going ride from one bar to another. You want an alley cat race? Go start one. You want a fast ride? Go start one. You want to participate in the FBC Spokane Full Moon Fiasco? Don't be an asshole.

150+ riders; 60ยบ and clear

Full Moon Fiasco 71 will be May 25th. You will not want to miss it.

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  1. Here here... i too enjoy the large turnout, but bikes bombing up and down the sidewalk where pedestrians are out walking was uncool.... makes us all look like jerks instead of jovial and tipsy fun-seekers...