Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Down, 11 To Go

(click card for pictures)
That went well. January is notorious for a small turnout. Totally understandable knowing that it was 20º and snowing. Tough night to convince yourself to go for a ride even with several other adventurous riders.

Our ride was pretty short considering. Our ride took us to an old friend that stayed open late just for us. Jones Radiator is a long time friend of the FBC, and went above and beyond keeping the beverages flowing way past their usual Sunday closing time. Thanks, guys.

Currently I am looking for some new venues and routes for the upcoming year. Feel free to make suggestions. My scouting rides may need some companions. I will post last minute FB posts, and see you at the fountain if you feel like going.

Anyway, the next Full Moon Fiasco is in the works. And by in the works, I mean that it's time to panic about not having a venue yet. I'll come up with something.

25+ riders; 20º and snowing.

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