Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wrap Up Formality

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I'll make this quick. Postseason baseball is happening, and I'm busy growing the beard.

The Fiasco Formal was a lot of fun. I'm glad so many of you dressed for the occasion. I regret to inform you that my camera is starting to show it's age and most of the photos I took of those fantastic outfits did not turn out. And as soon as I have a few extra bucks I will consider replacing it. Until then, you might have to help me by taking a few pictures.

We had the opportunity to visit an old friend of the FBC, No Li Brewhouse (formerly Northern Lights Brewery). They've done a little work on the patio area, and it's a dramatic improvement over the concrete square that it was before. They also have a stout on tap that is pretty good. I'm pretty sure I had my fair share. Thanks to the No Li staff for making our visit awesome.
150+ riders; 55ยบ and clear.

Some of you are asking about Fiascoween. Looks like our gap for that ride is going to be on Saturday October 27th. I'm hoping that this date will stand, and I won't have to move it to Friday. Once I confirm our destination, I will confirm the date.

Festivus is around the corner. For those of you not familiar, Festivus is our December ride where I gather donations from local and national donors, and give them to you. If you or someone you know feels like they would like to donate, you can contact me:
-in the comments section here
-by emailing fbc spokane at hotmail dot com
-at the facebook page
-or drop by the house and toss it on the front porch

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