Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Moon Fiasco Wrap Up

(click card for pictures)
What a great night for riding your bike. Apparently you all agree because there were a lot of you. I'm pretty sure we had The Swamp at capacity before 8:00 p.m. Well done, gang!

Our destination wasn't too far away, so I thought that I would throw a couple of turns into the route to make it a little more interesting. Worked. We took a pass on going around the fountain because of Pig Out, and just rode past it. After that, we took a quick left right combo into and out of Browne's. That little twist was enough to lose more than half of the riders. Sorry kids.

Luckily enough, one of my best friends ever, is super dedicated to his job and worked incredibly late. He wanted desperately to attend the ride so I broke a rule I don't typically break – I told him the destination. It's a good thing too. He found the lost hundred, and led them to The Phat House. Your text to me was correct, sir. I do owe you.

Anyway, The Phat House is a small place at 5th and Browne. A little out of your normal bar circle, but totally worth it. They are just getting started, so keep up with their Facebook updates for bands and drink specials.

Another very exciting Fiasco.
175+ riders; 50ยบ and clear

Look forward to this coming weekend of events.

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