Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Showers Stopped

(click card for photos)
I expected the weather to be the usual April rain and cold we had been getting for the two weeks prior to the ride. I expected a small group because of the threat of rain and miserable conditions. None of these things happened.

We left The Swamp a little later that usual as a very large group, headed for a very small place. The ride was without issue, and quite enjoyable as we rolled through one of the Brownes roundabout at The Elk, up 1st to the fountain and points North. When you asked me if we were going up a hill, I totally lied to you. We definitely went up Post.

I guess if there was any issue with the ride it was when we got close to our destination. There were a bunch of you that thought our stop was at the Garland Avenue Drinkery. It was not. We were headed to Bon Bon and the Garland Theater. Though with our numbers, it was probably a good idea to split it up and visit a couple of places. I didn't make it over to the Drinkery, but it would be nice to have an official visit there soon.

Luckily Tyler, a Lifetime Member For Life was nice enough to share his photos of the Fiasco with me, so I get to share them with you. In addition to the few that I took, I added his to the flickr page. If you have any photos that you would like to share, feel free to email them to me, and I can put them up. Or you can post them on the fbc facebook page.

The theme for May will be whatever Cinco de Mayo represents to you.
It will be on May 5th.
That's right Cinco de Mayo! An event that is second only to Mardi Gras in drunken debauchery . We will be all up in the middle of it. On our bicycles. We will be very careful, won't we? Yes. Yes we will.

100+ riders; 44ยบ and clear


  1. The Garland Drinkery has a Krakken as it's mascot? Iron born skee-ball.

  2. Damn! It had to fall right before bloomsday, didn't it?!