Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Fiasco

A couple of super fun things this weekend.

Spokefest. It's Sunday, and you should come out and ride. I've been there every year. Totally worth it. If you are strapped for cash and bettering local commerce isn't your thing, you can jump in and ride the route for free. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, the reason I called you is to mention that Monday is the Full Moon Fiasco. We will be meeting at our regular time, and riding to a place. The theme for this month you ask?

The Cosby Sweater Ride
Wear your favorite Cosby sweater.
Monday September 12th
The Swamp

Does your bar want to host an FBC Event? 
Send me an email. I would love to rain down upon you many thirsty riders with moneys.


  1. Thanks for coming in tonight! We had a great time! You guys are fucking awesome! Hope to see y'all again, whether We are riding with you or serving you drinks.

    Thanks again,

    Jack & Dans bartenders.

  2. For my first FBC Full Moon I would like to say HELL YEAH!!!