Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday Magic

(Click the card for photos)
The Birthday Ride was without a doubt the best Fiasco we have ever had. The attendance was rivaled only by the Knog Ride a couple of years ago.

Knowing that I wanted to make this one special, my friend and Lifetime Member For Life, T contacted me about getting Wapparel involved this time. What a great idea. He went to work organizing gifts, coming up with an image for the spoke card and a flyer. All I had to do was design the cards and tell you guys to show up.

T worked hard convincing some area businesses to contribute to the Birthday Fiasco. Below is the list of new friends of the FBC, and what they gave us.

I would also like to thank:

Beyond Decals for making some more of the FBC vinyl stickers for us. They went fast, so we may do it again for the Festivus Fiasco. If you need inexpensive, quality stickers, start here.
Litz's Bar & Grill for always kicking ass every time we go there. These guys go the extra mile to make it easy for 200 people to get served. 
The Swamp for getting as many Lifetime Members For Life in the door as legally possible.
AND the one (1) entry that I got for the Sketch the Fiasco Contest. I had some camera issues on Fiasco 47, so I offered to give away prizes to those of you that submitted sketches of that particular Fiasco. I got one. So the lucky winner got all the prizes that I would have given to the first through third place winners. Good job girls. Thanks for the drawing. It can be found as the only entry for that months ride.

And as always, thanks to the Lifetime Members For Life for making the FBC what it is.

51º and outstanding; 215+ riders


  1. Ride was AWESOME! And I totally scored a WA coozie too :)

    Great birthday, glad I was able to come along!

  2. This was our first Fiasco and we had a blast! Also won a t-shirt! Thank you for organizing this.

  3. That sketch would have won anyway.

    I'd call it "Lobster Children Eat Chips, Yay!"

  4. 51 degrees in goddamn July?