Thursday, March 24, 2011

Super Turnout For First Spring Ride

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Full Moon Fiasco 44 was the first ride of the Spring season. There were more riders than expected, but I should expect more riders. I was happy to run out of spoke cards.

As always, we were greeted with a smile at The Swamp. We filled the place to capacity, and those that didn't make it in the door were willing to wait around outside for the ride to start. We actually got moving on time with a slight delay to set up a new addition to the FBC Spokane. A Lifetime Member For Life got a new GoPro camera, and was stoked to try it out. We'll have to work on how to light the ride better, but for a first run it went well.

We also had another photographer join us on our ride. I will be adding his photos to the Flickr page. Thanks, Shane, for coming along and taking some great pictures.

Our ride this month took us to an old friend at The Hub. As usual, we had too many people to all get inside, but I didn't hear any complaining. Everyone waited their turn, and bought pitchers in threes and fours.

As for the Supermoon, it was super bright, but I don't know about bigger. We were just super glad to be able to see it after a super cloudy winter.

100+ riders; 33ยบ and Clear.

Next month is special. We have been invited to a place we have not been before. I am not one to turn down an invitation to a party, so here we go.
We will be starting an hour earlier. 
This will give us plenty of time to weave up there, as well as provide a little more light for the new GoPro Show.

I'll post more updates as the event gets closer, but you will want to be prepared to go up.

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  1. I moved back to NJ a little over a year ago and I miss the FBC!!!