Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Solid Showing

click card for photos
Winter temperatures and potentially slick streets have little to no effect on the Lifetime Members For Life. Our January Full Moon Fiasco was another fun ride.

Again, Joe and his devoted crew served us well at The Swamp for our 42nd monthly ride. Can you believe it? Our fourth birthday is right around the corner, as well as warmer temperatures. I am looking forward to that. Hopefully we can have some longer routes, and some daytime rides. There are a couple in the making, but I am going to leave the organization up to some LMFL's. You know who you are. Don't worry, I can still churn out some spoke cards. Speaking of which, thank you to all you devoted donators (that's not a word). Without your generous contributions, I don't think my cheap student ass could be turning out these cards. Thank you immensely. Thompsen, I saved one for you.

This month took us to our great friends at Jones Radiator. A really new place, open since November I think, Jones offers one of, if not the best draft selections in the area. Monday is vinyl night, where you bring a record and they play it for you; Tuesday is free glassware night, and you get to keep the designated glass that you used to enjoy your beverage. I'm sure that the rest of the nights will have an equally interesting reason to go other than the delicious selections on tap, and tasty treats from the kitchen. There are some of you Lifetime Members For Life that won gift cards to Jones. He told me he hasn't seen any yet. HINT! Check out their Facebook page for further details on fun time to be had. Kick ass place. We will go back. Thanks, guys! I'll leave out the part about christening a new bar with a technicolor heave, but I will say that it was not me.

We also had a photographer that is doing an internship at OutThere Monthly. He decided to come out and take some kick ass pictures. However, I have not received said pictures from him yet, so clicking on the spoke card above will take you to the usual flickr page where you can see the ones I took. There will be an update soon with a link to his photos once I get them and put them up.

60+ riders; 21ยบ and partly cloudy

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