Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That Went Well

Last night was the Bikestravaganza and it sounds a lot more exciting than it actually was. We listened and watched as both positive and negative aspects of trying to make your corner of the world a better place to ride your bike as illustrated through what is going on in Portland. Although dry on the surface, it is full of the juicy bikey goodness of swag and print items. I am glad to have had so many Lifetime Members For Life there to listen and make donations to keep them going. allons-y Elly and Joe! (That's French)

Full Moon Fiasco 37

Tuesday August 24th, meet at The Swamp at 8:00pm and try to bring a dollar donation for the spoke card. We are headed to a new destination this time and I am excited. It will be a route similar in length to the Birthday Fiasco but will incorporate a little tougher climb. I advise you to bring some gears. Don't worry, we aren't in a big hurry so take your time because we will wait for you at the top. I say we, but you might be waiting on me.

You will also receive a card from the Spokane Marmots Hardcourt Bike Polo Club. This is not the official spoke card of the Fiasco.


  1. I will *so* be there! I may even wear my medical scrubs in case anyone wants to play doctor.

  2. Thanks Jacque.

    One of my worst nightmares has been looking down at a pair of wingtips between my bare feet.

    Now you have replaced that image with bike shoes between my bare feet which somehow seems even scarier.