Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fiasco 37 Wrap Up

(click the card for pics)
I was surprised to see such a large group of riders after I mentioned that we were climbing a pretty good hill. Pleasantly surprised. That opens up several new possibilities for the rides next summer.

Tuesday was the 37th Full Moon Fiasco and was dangerously close to being the first one to not have spoke cards. Without crying about it, I had some timing issues keeping it from happening, plain and simple. I couldn't even find the time to pick them up so Joe had to do that for me and brought them to The Swamp right on time. Whew! Thanks Joe.

The route and destination bar this month was courtesy of Anthony and his uncanny ability for convincing a bar to have 150 cyclists take the place over AND give us drink specials. He is full of some great ideas, so you can count on some inventive themes coming up. The bar chosen was Swinging Doors which is on Francis. That means we have to go up Post. Not having to lead the ride this time, I was able to cruise in the middle and on my way up Post, there was some serious carnage. Walking up, taking a break in the grass and some even turned back all together. Swinging Doors was staffed appropriately for such a crowd and served up some delicious fried goodness along with cold beer and a bunch of really large televisions. You want gizzards? They got 'em.

I only have one regret about this months ride. Since the Bikestravaganza, the FBC Spokane has received interest from many new riders which is great, but they are not familiar with the rules of the FBC.

Here are the rules:
  1. Don't be an asshole.
I had to mention this before after an incredibly large ride a year ago and the following rides were picture perfect. I am going to paste a portion of that entry here.
"I would like to make it abundantly clear that we are NOT, regardless of numbers, a critical mass. We are not out there to purposely get in the way of motorized traffic. We make our best effort to keep it to one or two lanes where applicable and we certainly do not plow through red lights. The way the FBC Spokane draws attention to the shear number of cyclists in the city and the need for better ways to get around is to follow the rules of the road. Nobody likes an asshole so don't be one. If you feel like you need to continue riding against traffic, purposely slowing in front of motorized traffic, going through red lights and otherwise making people angry with your bike, the FBC does not want you. Go get yourself run over on your own time, not mine. If you are hurt in a traffic accident while riding with the FBC and it is your fault, it will likely be the last FBC Fiasco and I don't think you want that. I certainly don't. Finger wagging over."
I hope everyone is on board with that because I would like to continue to enjoy the accepting attitude of the city, its representatives, businesses and appointed officers. We seem to be doing something right, let's not jack that up.

The next Fiasco will be the Back To School Ride. Dust off that plaid, pull out the band uniform or whatever school attire tickles your fancy, and wear it to the next Fiasco which will be September 23rd.

150+ riders; 46° and clear.

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  1. Well put Jeff. I really like the FBC and enjoy the rides. I do not like being associated with the recklessness that gives all cyclists a bad name. I think all of us need to do our part to enforce the rules of the group.