Thursday, April 1, 2010

It Was Awesome

spoke_card_32(click card for photos)
This month we started at The Viking. A great bar with a million tap handles of every beer you can think of. Well, maybe not a million or even whatever you think of, but still, a good selection. I called a few days prior to taking a hundred thirsty cyclist and they were all about having us and were willing to staff accordingly. That's really awesome. Thanks go out to The Viking and their quality staff, I hope everyone tipped appropriately.

As for our ride, we took a bit of a longer route to get to our destination bar, nothing crazy, just a 3+ mile ride through some of our old haunts. Normally, it's a pretty straight shot to The Empyrean from where we were, but this time the weather was great and everyone was stoked so I made it a meandering route. There were very few mechanical issues. Started in the parking lot with a flat repair, one bike got rear ended at a red light, a jacket got twisted into a bunch around a rear wheel and a first timer on a borrowed bike was stuck in a ridiculous gear, but she got there nonetheless.

Now if you are planning on taking a few friends on bikes over to The Empyrean, be sure not to put them anywhere near the parking lot of the Downtowner Motel. If you do, a sketchy little dude with large pupils will come out and nervously grind his teeth at you and 'request' that you not 'take up his parking spots'. We were in no parking spots because we all know how busy the Downtowner Motel gets on a Tuesday.

I had no idea we were going to get to hear a band but we did and they were good. Green Light Go played for us. They are a local band with horns and drums and fast.
Do you have pictures of the ride?
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Everyone loves the pictures.
75+ riders; partly cloudy, windy, 40 degrees.

-By The Way:
>First Friday. Its a time to check out some galleries and local artists for free. A small group of us are gathering at Neato at 6:00pm to hit some of them if you are interested. A few more details can be found here.

>There is also an event the night before Bloomsday if you kids are interested. Stay tuned for details about that.


  1. Wow, they totally need to fix their exterior paint job. I totally thought that was the Big Dipper.

  2. The Viking is used to having big rushes after events at The Arena, nonetheless, I do appreciate the extra staff to handle us. I have long appreciated their selection of beers and the popcorn ain't bad either.

    True kudos go to The Empyrean. Not only did they have plenty of staff on hand, they had several cans of PBR out on the counter (open I think) and ready to go for those who just wanted to grab a quick beer.

    Thanks to both places and to Jeff too!