Monday, March 1, 2010

To Neato!

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If you've been following along, you will know that there is still an issue of capacity with The Swamp. The FBC went there to start again this month simply because I ran out of time to plan something else. I would like to thank all the new riders and veterans for their ever increasing patience while this gets sorted.

The weather cooperated again this month and let us have a dry ride. We took that opportunity to head through Brownes Addition to the roundabout at The Elk and down 1st to the fountain at the park. I like to stop at the fountain because that gives us a chance to catch everyone up after stopping at all those red lights along the way. I was surprised when I got to the fountain and turned around to find 75 cyclist standing there waiting for me to do something. So we took off for Neato Burrito.

Tim did the FBC a solid by opening up the restaurant side to accommodate the large crowd. On Sundays they close the Neato side and the Baby Bar in the back is the only thing open. Tim went to a lot of trouble to open up AND have food cooked for us. Next time you get hungry, ride over to Neato and give them money for some fabulous food. Also, be sure to check out his band Whiskey Dick Mountain.

It's getting warmer out there so be aware that there may be some auxiliary rides during the summer. There are things in the works for some Earth Day stuff and there are always the pedals2people tune ups that are fun as well. Be sure to shoot me an email if you find out about some bikey sort of thing that you want the world to know about, I just might post it right here.

Next month we have a destination solution (FOR THOSE THAT KNOW, DON'T GIVE IT AWAY! I WILL CHANGE IT) but as far as a starting location, that is still up in the air. If you know of a place that will happily serve 100 bike riders let me know. I will give it serious consideration.


  1. Would Pacific Pizza work as a new starting point?

  2. Yeah, that sounds cool. What's your capacity over there?

  3. Pacific Pizza is cool but I don't think it could fit 100 people. The only places I can think of that would work for that are Litz and Far West Billiards. FBC has been to both so they know what to expect.

    Sunset Junction is also an option if we could work out a deal to avoid cover charge. Personally I think that place is shady.

  4. What about that place on Indiana at Maple? I can't recall the name of it though. Jeff, shoot me an e-mail if you'd like me to follow up with it or any other venue.