Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fiasco 27 Wrap Up

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This one was the Back To School ride and all the Lifetime Members For Life were encouraged to wear their favorite back to school clothes. We rode up a little past 8:00 and I was a little disappointed when I saw through my neon Coca-Cola shades and flowing blonde locks that the few people that were out front did not participate.

We made it inside to find that there were the loyal few sitting around their beers dressed as professors, Catholic kids, cheerleaders, jocks and others. Now this is more like it. As it got closer to 9:00, the crowd was too much for The Swamp to accommodate and some had to wait outside. Not for long though, it was time to bounce. Thanks to The Swamp for letting us take over the place for another night and their hospitality. Also, I can't thank the Veggie Crew enough for printing up the stickers to pass out (email me your phone numbers, I lost them). They look great. I still have a few if someone needs one. Last but not least, Mariah was nice enough to lug a big ass megaphone for me to use for the announcement. Thanks again, Mariah. Off we go.

For those of you not familiar with Pig Out In The Park, it is what it is. An opportunity to go downtown with a giant crowd and eat overpriced food with music. It's a good time and the FBC was about to ride right through the middle of it to get to our destination. There were a few circles around the fountain and some high fives from BBQ fingers and we were off to Caterina Winery.

As we make our way through the funnel that is the back entrance to the parking lot, we could hear that Whiskey Dick Mountain had already started. If you have not heard these guys you should make it a point to get to one of their shows and give them some money. The show they did for the FBC was free. You could just go eat and drink at Neato Burrito and Baby Bar (First & Lincoln), they can get your money that way too. Also, be sure to go to Caterina sometime when there aren't 200 other people there. Live music, wine, beer and a rocking patio. Patrick lined up some great drink specials for us, a cash bar outside and handled the volume of people as well as possible.

175+ riders; Low 47, clear


Last year was the first one and it was a good time. I can only imagine how much more fun this one will be. It is not too late to register, but it will cost you 20 bucks now. Don't let this discourage you from participating. I'm pretty sure you can show up downtown on the morning of September 13th and ride your bike with us. You'll still get to ride but you won't get the cool schwag, coffee and pancakes. Bring your friends and look for other Lifetime Members For Life. We will be the loud ones having the most fun.

The October Full Moon Fiasco will be at an earlier time and start at a different place. Everybody got that?

We are going to have a Fiascoween celebration on October 31st, Halloween night. Make your arrangements now.
Are you a bar that wants to be visited by 200 bikers? Are you a band that wants to play a free/donation based show for 200 bikers? Are you a Lifetime Member For Life that has some suggestions or comments? Do you want to give me $1200 for school? Feel free to use the links on the left to send an email or follow on Facebook or Twitter. Also, check out the link to Knog, they have a few pictures on the main page of their recent visit to Spokane.

FBC Out.


  1. Love the idea of your club and I will make it out, although I live way out in the Valley and I will never tow my bike on a car. What's the point? Not a big fan of the Swamp. Beer is way over-priced and the service is lackluster at best.

  2. I'm not a Swamp fan either. But it's the safest and most open place for this type of gathering.

  3. Let's try Pacific Pizza.