Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prom 2009: Record Attendance

(click card for pictures)
This years Prom Ride was a huge success thanks in large part to the prom committee and their efforts to get all of this put together. Jacque, Nikki, Greg, Stephanie, Beth, Joe, Mike, and whoever else Jacque got to help him decorate. More on that later.

We began like any other Full Moon Fiasco at The Swamp with some quality entertainment by QuarterMonkey and a rockin show for the FBC. We were also treated to the awesome hospitality of Joe Kaler and the crew there where they even had reserved parking for all of our bikes. Too bad we couldn't stick around longer, but we had to get the prom on the road and make room for more paying customers.

We took a short ride through Brownes Addition and east through downtown to regroup at the fountain where I still didn't tell everyone where we were going. Not until we crossed over Hamilton and took a right did everyone realize that we were going to Northern Lights.

I was as surprised as you when they carried out a table covered in cupcakes. Nikki and Greg didn't just make cupcakes, instead it was a carefully designed bike trail of cupcakes complete with little plastic bikes, beer cans, wrecks, bikes going the wrong way, cops and some stuff I'm sure I missed. I ate a policeman.

Our DJ for the night was Mike and he rocked us with an expansive collection of vinyl and mp3's. There were very few requests that he didn't have. Though to be honest, the requests were some random 80's crap that no one should have in the first place.

As far as pictures, you can reach the FBC pictures by clicking on the spoke card above. Michael took some really great pictures and you can get to them HERE. If any of you have pictures you would like to show off to all the other Lifetime Members For Life, you can post a link to them here in the comments section or head over to the FBC Facebook Page and post them there.

And if all that wasn't enough, Hank shot some video of the event. It should show up at the bottom of this post.

As always, keep an eye out for updates about next months ride as it will be the two year birthday of the FBC here in Spokane.

Thanks everybody.

125+ riders, clear and cool Low 51 degrees.


  1. So rad!!!

  2. All the pictures and Hanks video are awesome. Here are some more photos (There's a lot of the cupcake riders)

  3. Thanks for posting a link to your pictures, Jacque. Michael's link should work now (I hope). And thanks for all of your hard work on the Prom Ride.

  4. What a fun video. Well done to the producer.