Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fiasco 23: Landmark Event

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Our 23rd Full Moon Fiasco turned out to be our largest one yet. I'm glad it went well because I had several reasons for it to all end badly.

My first problem was with our scheduled destination. I had mentioned in a previous post that we would be going to see a show and that the ride length might be a little longer. My vague statement led some to think we might go as far as Stateline to see "A Show", if you know what I'm saying, and I think you do. That was not the case nor would we be going to see any show. That plan fell through, but we will probably try again later in the year. After that, I started my search for a new stop and luckily The Good Doctor remembered that it was Zags graduation and that every place on that side of town would be packed to the gills, leaving no room for the FBC. All but one.

I called upon my destination guru Joe to help out with his uncanny ability to suggest the perfect spot. He did not disappoint. He mentioned the Illinois Avenue Bar and Grill. The FBC had not been there before so I checked it on a map and it was right off the Centennial Trail. Perfect.

Another call I made was to the Illinois Avenue Bar and Grill to warn them of our arrival. She asked how many and I told her 'a bunch'. 'How many is a bunch?', 'I don't know. 40?'

We left The Swamp where I announced through a road cone to the Lifetime Members For Life that we would be riding to the fountain in the park where I would then tell them where we were going. My though being that we could get our giant crew through the many annoying stop lights on 3rd, collect ourselves and take off down the trail as a menacing pack of riders. It worked out. After we hit the trail we all had a great ride except for one dude that took a header into the bushes. Oh, and on the trip back somebody went ass over tea kettle after hitting a pole. She had some cuts but her blinky light didn't break.

Arriving at Illinois Ave, it didn't take long to realize that my bunch had more than doubled. A conservative estimate from bike counters was over 100 riders. The regulars weren't too keen on a bunch of kids on bikes showing up and packing the place out. To quote one of the more vocal ones: "You're fucking it up for the rest of us!" He was also missing some parts in his grill and wearing a safety vest, cowbell and an orange afro. Apparently a big fan of The Shock and not a fan of cyclists or dental hygiene. The staff started to loose their marbles. Who can blame them, there were a hundred of us. For the most part our crew kept their cool, remained patient and tipped well. I figure if everyone there spend $10.00, the staff shouldn't be too upset. One thing I would suggest though if we get to go there again, bring a couple of bus tubs for empties or our own sleeve of plastic cups.

From there we moved on to the Baby Bar. The usual scene with music and booze and good times all around. Of course I had to duck out. Grandpa gets tired and it was time for some sleepy go night night.

I want to thank all of you that were able to make donations for the spoke cards. It helps more than you know to be able to print these things. I won't let you down. Thank you. Thank you.

Also, The FBC is now on Facebook so if you have pictures or video of the ride or comments to make, you can post them on there.

100+ riders, Clear and cold Low 36 degrees

Monday May 11th is the kickoff for Bike To Work Week. I know it may be hard for some of you to drag out of bed at 7:00a.m., but there will be FREE coffee and pancakes and all sorts of bike people and stuff to check out. If you are the industrious type, you can come down at 6 to help set up tables and chairs with the rest of the bike zombies.

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