Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Deuce!

(click the card for pictures)
What a great turn out for the 22nd Fiasco. Not only where there just a bunch of people, there were a bunch of new people. For all of you that came out for your first Full Moon Fiasco, you are now lifetime members for life. Congratulations!

Our route was accidentally stellar. We bombed down Riverside to get to the river crossing and the winding little trail up to N Summit. Instead of taking a right, someone at the front decided that we should go left. So it was left we went, through some fun-in-the-dark gravel over to Monroe. It was then only a matter of safely crossing to get to a less busy street and make our way to The Hub. We have been here before and were lucky that they enjoyed our company enough to let us come back. I called earlier in the day to let them know we were coming since last time we packed the little place with almost 80 riders. I told them we would be bringing about 35 or 40 this time. Boy was I wrong. Nevertheless, they took us with open arms and filled us with see-thru beer until we felt like a lateral over to The Viking for some darker selections and one kick ass juke box. I put many dollars into it.

Again I would like to thank The Swamp, The Hub, The Viking and the lifetime members for life for their patience and understanding when clearly, I am a liar when it comes to head counts and spoke card production.

75 Riders, Clear and 41 degrees.


Sunday the 12th at 1:00 p.m., The Steam Plant Grill will be hosting a donation worthy good time. Pedals2People is having their annual Paris-Roubaix viewing party. Come down and watch the race, drink some beverages and have fun with bike people. You can find more information, as if you need it, HERE.

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  1. Next month I'll finally be submitting my application for membership, save a spoke card for me and ready the clear beer. I'm on my way.