Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fiasco 21 Stone Cold Success

(click the spoke card for the few pictures I took)
Despite the frigid temperatures and the threat of icy happenings, an unexpected amount came out to ride under the full moon. I wish I had not had camera issues, but it really doesn't like to work when it is that cold out. So I didn't get a shot of Cat on a longboard skitching on bikers. I didn't get a picture of her friend with the too small roller blades walking to the hotel instead of the bar. I also was unable to capture the moment when two drinking age guys approached me about the bike club and told me that the one guys mom would be interested in riding. And I didn't capture the shenanigans involving a dropped light and the efforts to pick it up without stopping. I did however get enough sleep to write in length about the events of the evening.

Through the internet tubes, I heard some whispers about there being some important basketball being played the same night as the Fiasco. Not being one to deprive a dedicated Lifetime Member for Life the opportunity to participate, I polled some others about a good place to go for television watching and beverage consumption. Of course there are the obvious ones that we have been to before but I'm sure Jack & Dan's and The Bulldog were packed out with frothy college fans with no room for 33 bikers. We opted for the Red Lion. Of course I could have stressed the point that were were going to the BBQ joint and not the Red Lion Hotel. We had a handfull of riders/jogger that opted to visit the newly remodeled lobby of the hotel and oggle the Honduran mahogony and the slate stone entryway.

After the game, the remaining riders moved on to the Baby Bar/Neato Burrito for the Wednesday night $1.00 PBR's and the $1.00 Grilled Cheese. You should go there for lunch, really. All of you everywhere should go there for lunch. Everyday.

With the thought of the climb back up the South Hill swimming hard to the front of the brain, some thought it would be a good idea to visit an old friend at the top for a quick drink and a short ride home. I ended the night with two others at The Pear Tree. Once the starting point for the FBC, The Pear Tree offered what I needed in the early days of the Full Moon Fiasco: 1. Beer 2. A short ride home if it was a complete failure.

Fiasco 21 had 33 riders, a clear sky and a low of 3.


  1. i still say the spoke card was worth the drive

  2. wow you made it to the Pear Tree eh, thats pretty impressive since I know VERY glad my ride home from the Baby Bar was a flat one. sweet now living up on the South Hill anymore ;)