Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To all my Valentines

(click the spoke card for pictures)
Thanks for coming out to ride on a cold Monday in February. At least the weather held off for yet another Fiasco. Rain and snow was predicted but failed to fall. Good.

As usual, we started at the Swamp. I don't say it enough, but I would like to thank the Swamp for their hospitality. It's nice to be as welcomed as we are. We had our drinks and braved the cold to unlock the bikes and ride.

It's still very winter, so the rides are short. This one took us through the park and past a few hockey fans, eh to The Viking. We are just as welcomed here. So welcome in fact that pitchers were five dollars.

Someone, and I blame Jon Snyder, had the bright idea that a blinky light dropped into your mug meant that you had to chug it. That's when things went off the rails. I thought it was a blast until I got the dreaded blinky.

That's when I thought it was over. I mean, there were 30 lifetime members for life there, why would I have to get it twice? I got it twice. I wasn't the only one. Some got it more that that I'm sure.

As with every night at The Viking, there was free popcorn. One of the faithful handed us some floss. You ever try to use that stuff drunk? Me either, I'm just saying it would be tough is all.

There is a new lifetime member for life and he is trying to put together some bike polo. There is a link to his budding blogspot to the left. So get down to goodwill and pick up that croquet set that you've been eying and come out and play.


  1. By the Lords of Kobol, I will be at the next Fiasco.

  2. I forgot all about that flossing incident. Stupid blinky light game!

  3. Looks like good times in the 'Spoke. Chicago's is coming along well. By the murmurings I'm hearing on other rides around town, FBC could be a big deal once the weather improves.

    Might have to buy the Paulman's a baby carrier so yall can induct the youngest member in the spring.

  4. sorry man, the blinking light game has been played out before...makes riding a whole new game.