Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where are we going? What's in the box?

This was the Birthday Fiasco and we started at The Swamp. There was a band getting ready to play for those that paid to get it. The Swamp was nice enough to waive the fee for those of us on bikes as long as we were to vamoose right at 9:00pm. We did. Thanks The Swamp.

I made 24 spoke cards and those were quickly passed out. This is the first time I have run out of spoke cards. I have a stack of cards from previous rides. I think this Christmas for the Festivus Fiasco, I will just bring them along and pass them out instead of making up a whole new batch. Maybe not.

Thanks to the Mortborns for the sweet route North to our mystery destination of Maxwell House. I already asked and they do have coffee but it is a restaurant and bar. The only two people working were a little shocked to see over 30 bikers show up at their door for beverages and tasty treats. With little apprehension, they held the door for us and let us parade our bikes through to the large room in the back. It looked like someones rumpus room from the 70's. It was great.

I got a lot of questions about the magical mystery box I was carrying on my bike and the time to open it was upon us. CUPCAKES! The good doctor and I made a few cupcakes and I spent my Friday morning putting icing on them and way too much time decorating them. After spending some time on their side while I changed a tire for one of the riders, they didn't look so good. They tasted just fine.

If you are not familiar with the Maxwell House, there is a volleyball court in the back. That's right, beach volleyball at a bar. Really, it couldn't get much better. Though, on our way in, we passed by some stunned patrons trying to eat their delicious fried meal when I commented on how good it smelled. She grabbed a chicken leg from her plate and made me take it. That's when I knew we had come to the right spot.

We only had one mechanical stop and one wreck. The flat was caused by the moon. We had apparently neglected to pay full attention to the enormous moon peeking over the tree line, so she made everyone stop and look while we changed a tire. The wreck I didn't see but it is best described in the pictures. Depth perception is a bitch in the dark. He does hold a place in FBC history as the first crash.

Click the spoke card at the top and it will take you to the remarkable number of pictures that the good doctor took. Also, you can find pictures at Jacques site Fresh Abundance!. If you have any pictures, let me know I will post a link to them in the comments section, or you can email them to me and I will put them on the Fiasco 13 picture gallery.

I saw a lot of new faces on this ride. Be sure to stay up to date through the rest of the summer. We may have more rides than our monthly Fiasco. Email me your email and I will email you some email.

The next Full Moon Fiasco will be August 16th. That's a Saturday. I'm thinking we need a theme for the next one, so be prepared.


  1. What a fun ride, I think it was one of the best yet. Thanks Jeff!

  2. So much fun, I am requesting the 26'th of next month off, see you there.

  3. Hey Derek, that's going to be a little late. The Fiasco will be the 16th. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Thanks, I typed 26 instead of 16 by mistake. If you need help with spoke cards or anything else just let me know.

  5. I would like to email you so you can email me some email but I don't see an email address, so here's mine, perhaps we can just bypass the first step.