Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fiasco Eight

Wednesday the 20th marks the eighth Full Moon Fiasco. This time the ride will be preceded by a Lunar Eclipse. According to people that know things, the pinnacle of the affair will be about 7:30 (that's Pacific time for the rest of you). As you know, that's a bit early for the usual Fiasco crowd so here is the plan:

I will be up here on South Hill so my plans are to simply look east and, bingo, moon. There is a baseball field to the South of my place and I suppose I will ride over there and watch it in the darkness. If you kids want to kick it in a soggy field of dreams with me, come on. I'm sure I won't be there too long and the Pear Tree is mere seconds from there.

The start will still be the Pear Tree. As some of you know, I have joined the ranks of the infirmed, so I haven't been out to do any research on a new starting point down the hill that isn't normally a destination, as one of the FBCers put it. We'll give that some thought Wednesday night.

I also figure that with the improved street conditions, we could lengthen the ride a bit. We can talk route then, too.

To sum up:

Wednesday 20th

7:00 - Eclipse

8:00 - Pear Tree Inn

9:00 - Ride our Bikes

I guess I could have said that to begin with.

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