Sunday, November 25, 2007

Freezing my Giblets off!

A few days before the Fiasco, there were some whispers of participation but nothing confirmed.

I was worried that the weather would keep everyone home, or that riders were still suffering the effects of the turkey coma. All of that was for nothing.

We bundle up and ride over to the Pear Tree Inn for some pre-ride refreshments to find a couple of bikes chained up out front. I could not have been happier. After introducing ourselves and putting away most of a pitcher, other riders show up. One of our neighbors shows up and is shamed into going to get his bike. We have officially tripled the membership of the FBC. Loyal lifetime members for life.

Seeing as how I didn't expect anyone to be there, I didn't have a real plan for a place to go, so I was open for suggestions. John said that one of his friends got married and the reception was at The Shop. He also mentioned that there would be a keg of quality booze. I think he said some other stuff but after hearing of the free booze I really wasn't paying attention.

We take a short ride over there and quickly find out that these are some of the coolest people in the state. They welcomed us in, gave us free reign over the keg and even passed out some of the best dark chocolate I have ever had. The Shop may turn into a regular stop for The Fucking Bike Club.

The group started to thin so we gathered our troop for the ascent back home. All together a great ride. And yes, I remembered to take the camera and use it.

By the way, the next Fiasco will be number six and will mark the first festivus ride here in Spokane. Made popular by my good friends in StL, the festivus ride is a chance to cover your bike with lights and whatever you might think would look good on a well festooned Christmas tree. I would like to mention that it will be very cold and zip ties don't work all that well to hold things on your bike. I still miss that flashlight.


  1. I forgot all about The Shop, fucking love that place. Congratulations on your increased numbers, at the start of winter no less.

  2. badarse mang! glad to see the riders increasing!

    IIRC, the MAG "landing light" was lost somewhere close to the WayOut, er was it on the way over from Josh's?

    i think we had 26 last night w/ the wind chill.

  3. I'm jealous and still riding alone for the full moon rides. I wonder if I should tell people I'm doing these?

  4. Hey Fucking Bike Clubbies.

    We want in. We ride. We drink. We try to do both together and mutually exclusively as much as possible...Where do we sign up?

    Feats of strength and Festivus Pole to follow...

    Fast, Drunk, Safe. Pick two.

    richbelson at Representin' the North 509, yo!

  5. fuck yeah your gonna have over a hundred in no time!

  6. So when exactly is the next ride?

  7. We ride on the night of the full moon. The next one will be Dec. 23rd according to the almanac