Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We did have our Fiasco.

It was a true Fiasco in that we started late, it wasn't very long, I had camera problems and all of this was punctuated by drinking.

Our neighbors invited us to hang out and eat their food so we obliged. The time came for us to ride and we could not convince any of them to ride with us so we set out as a pair. It was pretty cold and we were running out of refreshments at the party so our route took us to the closest beer store with the best selection on South Hill. Rocket Market was happy to take our money and look at us like freaks for showing up on bikes. I am used to all of this and I guess I kind of like it. I mean, if you have to make fun of me for something, I suppose it could be worse than 'You rode your bike?'.

My camera difficulties began and ended when my camera forgot to get into my bag. I am an idiot.

We made it back to the party with a sack full of refreshments which included a couple of selections from back home-ish, and some old faithfuls.

I am currently in the works for some great flyers that will make their way around town, but it's getting to that time of the year when only us nuts are out on bikes with spiked tires, goggles and enough clothes to prevent pedaling. I don't expect any sort of turn out until spring, but you never know. Either way, I will ride the Full Moon Fiasco.


  1. I was thinking. If we combine both of our riding groups for a full moon fiasco, at a neutral town natually, our membership will swell to three.

  2. That sounds great! Let's say somewhere between here and there. Ummm....St.Louis? Oh, wait.

  3. Jeff keep the dream alive! We miss your photo skills in the stl. bike on
    -John P.

  4. if you ride, they will come. if not i will come to spokane and kick that towns ass in gear.

  5. things are usually slow to start in spokane, especially, like you mentioned, in the fall/winter.

    nice spoke cards.

  6. first time blogging, and would defenitely like to ride. if i stopped buying animals i could save up for a bike, but i guess i will try and borrow until then.