Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fiasco Three

This Fiasco wasn't unlike the first two. We were, again, the only riders and we still managed to have a great time. If you remember from the second Fiasco, we went to Rocket Market. They have a selection of pretty much whatever you need. That selection would include alcohol. You can buy singles which makes it the best place in the world of cyclist and you can sit comfortably in the parking lot and enjoy them. So we did. That's all we did. I took a (1) picture and I am ashamed of myself.

I'm a little disappointed that we haven't had any sort of turn out, but I need to get on the ball with some flyers. I do however, have this kick ass spoke card that I drew.


  1. Keep up the good fight. Spokanistan can be slow to come around sometimes, but I'm sure your persistence will pay off. Hit some of the shops, I highly recommend Two Wheel Transit and Bicycle Butler. Butler's probably the only place going that could be considered a bit on the eclectic side.

  2. You had company? I rode the Phoenix Full Moon Pelathon alone.

  3. yo! spokane is a small town. so stay chill about crowd control. the fearless leader told me that there where no more than four riders on the first few portland and stl rides.

    - peat

  4. pssst....psssst....over HERE!....

    do a CM->FBC ride!