Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fiasco Two

Another full moon here in Spokane means another chance to gang up some riders, bike around town and somehow involve at least one bar.

After we rode up to the bar to meet with some prospective riders, we quickly realized that no one was coming. No matter, we had a plan and a route and something to do when we got there.

We took off west on 29th to High Dr. High is a street that parallels a cliff that drops off quick and is unforgiving in many ways. Taking High drive south to 43rd-ish, we stop at Rocket Market. The sign says "A Small Market of Epic Proportions". Read the review

There was some sort of outdoor concert going on and we were lucky enough to catch it. Otherwise, we would have been a couple of bums on bikes drinking their beer in the parking lot. If there are a bunch of you, people hesitate to say something. If it's just two of you, they feel obligated to say something.

I took some pictures.


  1. just remember...great things start small!

  2. so I had my very own "full moon fiasco" involving stolen bike stuff that totally screwed my plans for going...suck.

    next month for sure dammit.


  3. If things go well, my son will be moving to Washington. Not only a free place to stay, but a chance to ride with The Fucking Bike Club "deux". (or is it douche?). Whatever,... my Latin is suspect.

  4. International Car Free Day is Sept. 22. Any plans?

  5. Car Free Day. I thought that was a Canadian thing. Sure, let's ride bikes. Any ideas?

  6. Everett
    email me your address and I can send you some spoke cards from the alleycat and some event pins we had made.